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Puppet & Musical Consultant

Chinese Mother Jewish Daughter LLC

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On the job w/choreographer Rhonda Miller

As a Consultant or Producer, Stacey can use her 15+ years in professional puppetry and/or musical works to guide you through the production process.

Puppet design, fabrication, puppet wrangling. Casting, training, direction. Dramaturgy, song placement, choreography, and more!

Formed in 2011 as a partnership between three multi-cultural and multi-generational women, Chinese Mother Jewish Daughter LLC  lives where art and entertainment collide. Under the executive watch of Stacey Weingarten, it supports diverse, original projects often with a message of inclusivity and social awareness. CMJD LLC has developed and produced the Off-Broadway family musical Rescue Rue, its sequel Runaway Rue, as well as educational family series Monica's Mixing Bowl, and musicals including Ludo's Broken Bride (a sci-fi Rock Opera/jukebox musical), 5th Republic (fka Les Enfants de Paris; a historical fiction infused with chansons and Arabic inspired tunes), and Madame (a gender-affirming operetta set at the turn of the 20th century).

Stacey served as Puppet Consultant for Blippi's Treehouse, Puppet Producer for a forthcoming NickJr Youtube pilot series, and Consulting Creative Producer (in addition to Series Episodic Director) for Reading Buddies Season 2 (PBS). She has also contributed to over 10 seasons of Sesame Street (her Emmy Award is for here work on the 50th Season team for the Jim Henson Co.) and worked with everyone from Kermit the Frog to Fallout Boy.


(Taken from Concept to Execution)

Monica's Mixing Bowl

(Pilot Minisodes)

Cone of Shame

(Handmade Puppet Dreams)

Rescue Rue

(Filmed Theater Production & Off-Broadway Premiere)

Beach Day

(48 Hour Puppet Project)

Ludo's Broken Bride

(Developmental NYMF Production)

Puppet & Prop Design/Fabrication

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Puppet Design by Stacey Weingarten
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Monica's Mixing Bowl
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Monica's Mixing Bowl
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Monica's Mixing Bowl Pre-Dec 2014
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Oscar Puppets
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Miscellaneous Short Works

I Can Do That

(O'Neill Puppetry Conference)

Fun Fact: NOT shadow puppets! 

Sweet Caroline

(Puppet Playlist - Names)

Fun Fact: Featured Edible Elements

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