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Puppet & Musical Consultant

Chinese Mother Jewish Daughter LLC

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On the job w/choreographer Rhonda Miller

As a Consultant or Producer, Stacey uses nearly 20 years in professional puppetry and/or musical works to guide you through the production process.

Puppet design, fabrication, puppet wrangling. Casting, training, direction. Dramaturgy, song placement, choreography, and more!

Formed in 2011 as a partnership between three multi-cultural and multi-generational women, Chinese Mother Jewish Daughter LLC  lives where art and entertainment collide. Under the executive watch of Stacey Weingarten, it supports diverse, original projects often with a message of inclusivity and social awareness. CMJD LLC has developed and produced the Off-Broadway family musical Rescue Rue, its sequel Runaway Rue, as well as educational family series Monica's Mixing Bowl, and musicals including Ludo's Broken Bride (a sci-fi Rock Opera/jukebox musical), 5th Republic (fka Les Enfants de Paris; a historical fiction infused with chansons and Arabic inspired tunes), and Madame (a gender-affirming operetta set at the turn of the 20th century).

Stacey served as Puppet Consultant for Blippi's Treehouse, Puppet Producer for Kidscreen-Award-nominated NickJr's Puppet Preschool, and SupervisinProducer (in addition to Series Episodic Director) for Reading Buddies Seasons 2 and 3 (PBS/WCNY). She has also contributed to over 10 seasons of Sesame Street* and worked with everyone from Kermit the Frog to Fallout Boy. (*Her Emmy Award is for work on the 50th Season wrangling team for the Jim Henson Co.)



*and its sequel Runaway Rue !

Monica's Mixing Bowl

Rescue Rue*

(Pilot Minisodes)

(Filmed Theater Production & Off-Broadway Premiere)

Cone of Shame

(Handmade Puppet Dreams)

Beach Day

(48 Hour Puppet Project)

Ludo's Broken Bride

(Developmental NYMF Production)

NickJr's Puppet Preschool

(New Series!)

Puppet & Prop Design/Fabrication

Miscellaneous Short Works

I Can Do That

(O'Neill Puppetry Conference)

Fun Fact: NOT shadow puppets! 

Sweet Caroline

(Puppet Playlist - Names)

Fun Fact: Featured Edible Elements

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