Puppet Consultant

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...where the air is sweet (and freezing)
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With over 15 years of working in professional puppetry, Stacey is an expert in all facets of puppet production, able to guide you through whatever your puppet needs may be from concept to execution!


As a Consultant or Producer, she can guide you through puppet design, fabrication, casting, training, puppet wrangling, even on-set direction.

Stacey began her career as a PA on Johnny and the Sprites (Playhouse Disney), and soon began working with the The Jim Henson Company. Her handiwork can be seen on shows including Sesame Street (Sesame Workshop), Julie's Greenroom (Netflix), Slumberkins (Apple TV); her Emmy-win is actually as part of Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary behind-the-scenes team. She's also served as the lead puppet wrangler for Crank Yankers (Comedy Central/ITV), The Movie Show (SyFy), as well as Puppet Producer for a forthcoming NickJr Youtube project, and Puppet Consultant for Blippi's Treehouse (Amazon)... not to mention Consulting Creative Producer for Reading Buddies (PBS). Stacey is also a puppeteer herself, and a pretty darn good puppet wrangler which has allowed her to hone her communication skills and fully understand the production process.


Though she is most often steeped in the world of "Muppet-style" TV/Monitor puppetry-- you name the puppetry type, she's worked with it... and taught it as well, as Pace University's Professor of Puppetry.

Puppet & Prop Design/Fabrication

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Puppet Design by Stacey Weingarten
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Monica's Mixing Bowl
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Monica's Mixing Bowl
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Monica's Mixing Bowl Pre-Dec 2014
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Oscar Puppets
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(Taken from Concept to Execution)

Monica's Mixing Bowl

(Pilot Interstitials)

Cone of Shame

(Handmade Puppet Dreams)

Rescue Rue

(Filmed Theater Production & Off-Broadway)

Beach Day

(48 Hour Puppet Project)

Ludo's Broken Bride

(Developmental NYMF Production)

Miscellaneous Short Works

I Can Do That

(O'Neill Puppetry Conference)

Fun Fact: NOT shadow puppets! 

Sweet Caroline

(Puppet Playlist - Names)

Fun Fact: Featured Edible Elements