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Producer & Consultant


Whether it's making your dreams come true, or course-correcting your nightmare... Stace is on the case!

Stacey has multi-platform experience developing new works. As showrunner, she taking projects from concept to execution across live and recorded media. Her specialties are musical, and/or puppetry and/or kids-and-family works (she's actually the President of the LA Children's Media Association Chapter!). Stacey excels at bringing people together to form a well-balanced team and keeping them on track (including creating/maintaining the budget). Thanks to many years' real-world experience as a multi-hyphenate, she knows how things really work and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.

The driving creative force behind Chinese Mother Jewish Daughter LLC, Stacey served as Showrunner for Rescue Rue (Filmed Production), the pilot interstitials of Monica's Mixing Bowl (currently pitching), Puppet Producer for a forthcoming NickJr PreK pilot (YouTube), Puppet Consultant for Blippi's Treehouse (Amazon), and is currently the Creative Consulting Producer for The Reading League's Reading Buddies (PBS). Every year she's also thrilled to produce Attitude of Gratitude shows featuring Rescue Rue characters for the Ronald McDonald House.

She also Executive Produced musical recordings for projects including Ludo's Broken Bride, Rescue Rue, Monica's Mixing Bowl, and 5th Republic, working with small bands and lush orchestras, as well as Broadway's finest including L Morgan Lee, Santino Fontana, Derek Klena, and Jordanian vocalist Farrah Siraj, and more. 

Working on Set

Kids & Family Media Producing Reel

(Non-Kids Media Reel Available on Request!)

Music Production Samples

Ludo's Broken Bride

"Rock band plus". Moderate-sized cast. Alt Rock.

Monica's Mixing Bowl

Small band, small cast. Pop/Musical Theater.

5th Republic

Large orchestra, large cast. Lush, period piece.

Creative Producing Stills

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