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Project |01


Project |01 Rescue Rue
​An Original Musical Fairytale

When a little dog named Rue wishes for a "Happily Ever After" from her Fairy Dogmother, she soon embarks on an emotional journey of self-discovery and belonging. Kicked out of her home, Rue meets new friends and enemies alike on the street and at the pound before finding her "Furever" home in NYC and realizing life is really about finding your happy beginnings, not endings! Based on a true adoption story, this family-friendly pop musical is told by a colorful cast of puppets and people.  For all ages!


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Project |02


Project |02 Monica's Mixing Bowl
An Original Children's Series

Let's make friends with food! Monica's Mixing Bowl is a children's series that empowers families with knowledge about food nutrition, allergies, and dietary restrictions through the help of narrative, puppets, and song.


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Other Projects for kids & families include:
Project |03


Project |03 UpRUEted (Rescue Rue 2)
Musical, Storybook

Concept, Book, Lyrics by Stacey Weingarten

Music & Addt'l Lyrics by Angela Parrish

Rescue Rue's sequel. When Rue's mom drops a bombshell: they're moving to LA-- Rue is devastated. Not only does she have to leave behind her home and her friends, there's a surprise waiting for her in LA: a new dad, and baby brother! As Rue navigates life's many changes, she learns home is most definitely where the heart is... and if you open that heart, there's plenty of love to go around.

Script, demos, and pitch materials available on request.

Project |04


Project |04 Local Moos
Animated Series

Intrepid Calf Reporters Bessie, Buttercup, and Annabelle get to the bottom of what makes something factual and newsworthy while producing local news in their town of Meadow Dell.

Pilot outline and pitch materials available on request.

Project |05


Project |05 Bringing Home Baby
Musical, Storybook

A sister-story to Rescue Rue, this adoption story is inspired by Rue's "aunt", a rat terrier named Baby who was given up by her family during Hurricaine Katrina and sent north to PA to find a Furever Home. The catch? Baby's a one-dog sorta pup, and doesn't take too kindly to her new family's two Yorkshire Terriers when she arrives. As Baby experiences a New Jersey fall and winter for the first time (what's this white stuff on the ground and why is it so cold?!), she also comes to understand sharing is caring, especially when I comes to love.

Project |06


Project |06 Cone of Shame
​A Short Puppet Film (now being adapted to animation!)


Co-created with Randy Overland. 

This Handmade Puppet Dreams Microcommission tells the story of a pup in a cone of shame left at home while his humans go to the beach... and the power of imagination!

Project |07


Project |07 Beach Day
​A Short Puppet Film (Made in less than 48 hours!)

Co-Created with Randy Overland.


This award-winning short follows a little monster's desperate attempts to get out of the house. (After 2020, I think we all understand where they're coming from.)

Project |08


Project |08 Boys Lost
​A TV/Digital Series

Based on an original concept by Donna Drake. Story by Donna Drake, Stacey Weingarten.


This sci-fi teen action-adventure dramedy explores an alternative, modern origin story for the Lost Boys of Neverland.

Pilot script and pitch materials available on request.

This is just a cross-section of my writing work, and I'm always looking for new projects!
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