Hi! My name is Stacey, and I love to tell stories. My favorite thing in the world is building sandboxes to play in -- gathering tools 'n toys, and inviting folks to build fabulous sandcastles together.


As a writer I specialize in scriptwriting, where I'm often found working in musicals, puppets, or children's media (sometimes all at once!), with a careful blend of comedy and heart. But I'm also a director, producer, and puppet artist. I love wearing different hats fashioned to whatever the project calls for.

What people are saying about my work...

"If Jonathan Larson directed Sesame Street."

                            - Gregor Collins, Theatre That Matters

"...ceaselessly winning and unerringly convincing...The book is a crisp delight, hilarious and moving by turns... Weingarten's staging is brisk and inventive... [Rescue Rue] does what it needs to in a tuneful and entertaining way, and knows just how and when to strike your heart and funny bone."

                            -Matthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway

"...the dramaturgically and musically ambitious show [5th Republic] goes all out."

                             - Eric Grode, NY Times

"full-blown theater...[Ludo's Broken Bride is] a good time, with prehistoric puppets, dream ballets and rock undiluted for the stage…" 

                            -Laura Collins-Hughes, NY Times

"warm and sweet, even moving... Rescue Rue treats its audience with respect...so darned cute, not to mention dramatically apt, that by the end I was sniffling happily along with the rest of the audience. "

                            - Chris Carragio, NYMF Juror

"...these are happy tears..."

-My mom, upon unboxing my Emmy for Sesame Street