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Creative Multi-Hypenate Specializing In...

•Guiding Projects from Concept to Execution • Development

•Musical Storytelling     •Puppetry    •Works for Kids & Families     

(...and the logistics & business stuff, too!)          

But don't take my word for it...

"...the dramaturgically and musically ambitious [5th Republic] goes all out."

family cutout monitorr.png

"full-blown theater...[Ludo's Broken Bride is] a good time, with prehistoric puppets, dream ballets and rock undiluted for the stage…"

"If Jonathan Larson directed Sesame Street."

NY Times

Theatre That Matters

"[Rescue Rue] knows just how and when to strike your heart and funny bone."

Talkin' Broadway

NY Times

"(unboxes an Emmy) ...these are happy tears..."

Stacey's Mom

(she's got it goin' on!)

proto squish puppet work.jpeg
squish wave - Untitled_Artwork 1.png

Monica's Mixing Bowl

Rescue Rue
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