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Cone of Shame
​A Short Puppet Film (now being adapted to animation!)


Co-created with Randy Overland. 

This Handmade Puppet Dreams Microcommission tells the story of a pup in a cone of shame left at home while his humans go to the beach... and the power of imagination!

Beach Day
​A Short Puppet Film (Made in less than 48 hours!)

Co-Created with Randy Overland.


This award-winning short follows a little monster's desperate attempts to get out of the house. (After 2020, I think we all understand where they're coming from.)

​A Puppet Romcom by Liz Hara

Written by Liz Hara.


This short follows the unrequited and mistaken-identity love story of a hedgehog named Lily and her BFF hedgehog Marco who falls for a cactus. Yes, a literal cactus.

Production wrapped in August 2021 with an anticipated release for Winter '21-'22. I directed and helped produce the feature for Liz Hara (Sesame Street; Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur)

hedgehearts - preview 910DAA61-266D-42A9-B494-FD05B5F8A9B1 2.JPG
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