Runaway Rue
Musical Fairytale with Puppets and People

Concept, Book, Lyrics by Stacey Weingarten

Music & Addt'l Lyrics by Angela Parrish

When Rue’s Furever mom drops a bombshell--they’re moving across the country!— Rue is devastated. Even Rue’s Fairy Dogmother can’t change her mind about moving to Hollywoof, especially when Rue learns she’s moving in with a new step-dad and his a-little-too-lovable puppy named Jack. A family she never bargained for, a place that doesn’t feel like home... What’s a dog to do, but run away? Alone and confused on the streets of LA, Rue befriends a self-assured explorer cat named Moo Kitty before eventually returning home to a very worried mom… but not before realizing that Furever Home is a place in your heart with the family you choose.

This family-friendly pop musical is told by a colorful cast of puppets and people and aimed at kids 4-10 (but it’s fun for co-viewing of all ages, like a Disney/Pixar film).

Pitch materials (including script) available on request. Currently seeking development and production opportunities.


Rediscover Happily Furever After!

stacey dogmother rue IMG_7814.JPG
Miss Gladys the Fairy Dogmother, the Real Rue, and me (Stacey)!
rrue-nymf_148sm** copy 2.jpg
Squish (Rue's BFF) and Rue*
3 RRCTF Credit Whitney Browne**.jpg
rrue-nymf_214sm** copy 2.jpg
Hollywoof Hounds Apollo and Artemis*
7 RRCTF Credit-larry Hamilton.jpg
Alex (Rue's mom) and Rue*
Miss Gladys makes magic*
rue 1.0.jpg
jack IMG_7416.jpeg
The Real Jack
(He really is a Good Dog)
moo kitty 2 IMG_3059.jpeg
The Real Moo Kitty
*Images from Rescue Rue (The Original)