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​A TV Series

Based on real life, D!ckless is an irreverent, character-driven comedy following two women who invent a male co-founder in order to be taken seriously in the world of tech startups.

Pilot and Pitch Materials Available on Request

Nina and the Ninetails
​A TV Series

Ever since getting hit in the head while visiting her friend on the set of a children’s TV show, Nina, a crime photographer, can’t stop seeing adorable furry puppet characters everywhere in her daily life. Even worse? They like to meddle.

This comedy-crimesolving show is Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls meets Greg the Bunny.

Back in the Day
​An Original Musical

A modern-era TV executive named Nancy finds herself displaced-- trapped in 1930s NYC... but not just any 1930s NYC... a 1930s musical! Nancy forced to confront her jaded outlook on life through exposure to, and life within, the 1930s musical paradigm. (The piece also explores the integrated book musical and non-integrated musical forms.)

Boys Lost
​A Screenplay/Treatment

Based on an original concept by Donna Drake. Story by Donna Drake, Stacey Weingarten.


This action-adventure dramedy explores an alternative origin story of the Lost Boys of Neverland.

Life Partners
​A TV Series

They say being writing partners is like being married, and it is! Inspired by real-life, this series follows the lives of a pair of writing partners and their best friend as they try to establish themselves in showbuiness. Explores everything from the peculiarities in the biz (getting a show written and produced) to self-discovery as a twenty/thirty-something (work/play balance, dating, gender identity, sexuality, dog adoption).


Think Looking, Girls, and Smash meeting somewhere closer to the real world.

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