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"If you are looking to introduce your preschooler to musical theater, one surefire option is RESCUE  RUE... [while] geared for the little ones, it will also appeal to any grownup who has ever been adopted by a pound pup, as Ms. Weingarten so lovingly was. "


- Howard Miller, Talkin' Broadway

"[LUDO'S BROKEN BRIDE is] full-blown theater...a good time, with prehistoric puppets, dream ballets, and rock undiluted for the stage." -Laura Collins-Hughes, NY Times
"...the dramaturgically and musically ambitious show [5TH REPUBLIC] goes all out." - Eric Grode, NY Times

"The cast [of RESCUE RUE] is terrific, the direction seamless, the music inviting, the story will have you breaking out a box of Kleenex (This is a two hankie show) and you will laugh and become engaged in this doggie world, even if you are a cat person like me."


- Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles

" "RESCUE RUE” is a charming new musical with enduring themes of universal love and the importance of a supportive home and family... Under Stacey Weingarten’s generous and gifted direction... the strong ensemble cast fills the stage with hope, joy, and pure enjoyment.


However, “RESCUE RUE” is more than a puppet show for children (although it is that par excellence!). Like other children’s stories that hold a deeper meaning for adults (think “Winnie-the-Pooh” or “The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland”), “Rescue Rue” is an engaging and marvelous trope for the new beginnings awaiting all those seeking unconditional and non-judgmental love, all those existing on the fringe of society awaiting a place “around the table.” "


-David Roberts, Theatre Reviews Limited

Warm and sweet, even moving... RESCUE RUE treats its audience with respect, offering the linear narrative and character consistencies... The resolution for Rescue Rue is so darned cute, not to mention dramatically apt, that by the end I was sniffling happily along with the rest of the audience... Message received: when I get a new dog this fall, I'm defintely planning on going the rescue route


- Chris Caraggio, NYMF Juror

"[RESCUE RUE is] a ceaselessly winning and unerringly convincing entry in this year's New York Musical Theatre Festival...The book is a crisp delight, hilarious and moving by turns, and the score glides without apparent effort through the ups and downs of the dogs lives and their dreams of eternal love with a "furever friend...


Weingarten's staging is brisk and inventive, as is Rhonda Miller's showy, paw-heavy choreography... [the musical] does what it needs to in a tuneful and entertaining way, and knows just how and when to strike your heart and funny bone. Yes, you (and, advance warning, probably your kids) will come out of the theater wanting to adopt a dog. More important, however, you'll come out reminded that love at first sight, however hokey and improbable it may be, actually can happen.


- Matthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway

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