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Kids Media

Producing Reel

(Creative Producing)

Audio Producing


(Final Tracks & Demos)

Playlists from Ludo's Broken Bride

& Monica's Mixing Bowl.

Others available on request!

Directing Reel

(Select Stage & Screen)

Puppetry Reel

('Muppet-style' Performance)


Item |01


Item |01 Directing Porfolio
Various Projects

Film: Cone of Shame, Beach Day.

Theater: Rescue Rue, Ludo's Broken Bride.

Item |02


Item |02 Producing Portfolio
​Various Projects

Projects for Chinese Mother Jewish Daughter LLC including Les Enfants de Paris (NYMF), Rescue Rue (NYMF & NY Children's Theater Festival), Ludo's Broken Bride (NYMF, Ars Nova ANT Fest & The Cutting Room).

Item |03


Item |03 Puppets and Props

Various Puppet/Prop Building jobs including Monica's Mixing Bowl, Johnny and the Sprites, The Jim Henson Co. (Sesame Street), Puppet Kitchen (John Tartaglia's ImaginOcean), and Others.

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