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Dog Crazy
A Scene Cycle with Songs for Dog People

Think 'Company' but with Dogs. Inspired by a real-life stories of dog adoption, this scene cycle contains the trials and tribulations of new and old dog parents alike and begs the question: why do we allow ourselves to be adopted by our furry friends? (Because, let's face it, if you've ever saved a dog you know they saved you too!)

Back in the Day
​An Original Musical/ Movie-Musical

A modern-era TV executive named Nancy finds herself displaced-- trapped in 1930s NYC... but not just any 1930s NYC... a 1930s musical! Nancy forced to confront her jaded outlook on life through exposure to, and life within, the 1930s musical paradigm. (The piece also explores the integrated book musical and non-integrated musical forms.)

A musical scene cycle
Have you ever wondered if your soulmate is out there, not only in a different place but a different time? This show follows two people as they date around time thanks to a Time Travel Dating Agency. As they search for 'the one' they discover what they're seeking may not be so far away after all.

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