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CV/Resumes Available!

I’m Stacey, but you can call me Stace. I’m an Emmy-winning multi-hyphenate - writer, producer, director, and puppet artist - who has worked everywhere from “Sesame Street” to “Avenue Q”. Need a Creative Consultant - especially for anything musical, with puppets, and/or for kids and family: I'm your gal! 
My favorite thing in the world is building sandboxes so I can invite folks to play, often by developing original projects for stage and screen that promote social awareness through entertainment - concept to final product.

After a limited Off-Broadway run of my family musical “Rescue Rue”, I served as episodic director/creative consultant/segment writer for “Reading Buddies: Season 2 on PBS; last year I was also puppet producer for “NickJr’s Puppet Preschool” and puppet consultant for “Blippi’s Treehouse”, and my award-winning 48-hour film “Beach Day” lead to a commission from Heather Henson’s Handmade Puppet Dreams, “Cone of Shame”. My other family works include the musical fairytale “Runaway Rue” (NMI), as well as the digital series “Monica’s Mixing Bowl”.

All this being said, I also write works not-for-families, of which my favorite projects include play cycle ‘spirits – the bar plays’ (Skylight Theater, LA), musical 5th Republic (DG Fellowship; 54 Below), Madame (NYMF), rock opera LUDO’s Broken Bride (Ars Nova’s ANT Fest; NYMF), and the HaLUDOween concerts (The Pageant).

When I’m not writing, directing, or producing, I can be found Puppet Wrangling for the likes of Disney’s The Muppets and the denizens of Yankerville, teaching Puppetry at Pace, running around Disneyland, or spoiling my rescue dog Rue.
Pace University

2013 - present


 I teach Puppetry I at Pace University as part of the fantastic Commercial Dance BFA. The course is also open to other Performing Arts majors. It's a hands-on overview of puppetry including everything from found object to shadow play and culminating in a focus on 'Muppet Style' hand/rod puppetry performance since it's a personal specialty.


Looking for a Puppetry Consultant, Workshop, or Lessons? 

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Chinese Mother Jewish Daughter LLC

2011 - present

Chinese Mother Jewish Daughter supports a wide variety of new works in various stages of development.

Formed in 2011 as a partnership between three multi-cultural and multi-generational women, Chinese Mother Jewish Daughter LLC is a production company that strives to support developing works that live where art and entertainment collide. Under the executive watch of Stacey Weingarten, the company develops diverse, original projects for stage and screen that explore a wide variety of subjects often with an agenda of inclusivity and social awareness through entertainment. CMJD LLC debuted at NYMF 2011 with Les Enfants de Paris (now titled 5th Republic), and has also been developing other musicals including Jarreau's (fka Madame the Musical, NYMF reading series 2012), LUDO's Broken Bride, and NY Children's Festival world premiere--and Off-Broadway hit!-- Rescue Rue.


Looking for a Producer or Consultant for your project?

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