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Nailed It
​A neurotic 15-min musical

What happens when you really...really... really want to impress your new in-laws at Thanksgiving? Why, you make an turkey cake! But what happens when you "Nail It" like the people on TV and end up with something more... anatomical?

Book & Lyrics by Stacey Weingarten

Music by Kat Zimmerman

A View from the Moon
​A 15-min musical

Created for NMI's Core Curriculum, this short musical explores the distance between us as we follow a newlywed couple stranded in the paradise in March 2020.

Lyrics by Stacey Weingarten

Music by Ben Ginsberg

Book by Richard Holland

A Good Life
​A 15-min musical

The year is 2056. Alethea, a patient at a memory care facility, attempts an experimental procedure to secure her memories before they’re gone - a journey which takes her back in time through key moments in her life-- and risks losing them forever.

Book by Stacey Weingarten.

Lyrics by Dave Ogrin & Stacey Weingarten

Music by Dave Ogrin

Musical Podcast Coming Soon!
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